What we offer and recommend…

Light breakfast

129,- Kč

150g Beef sirloin with bacon and camembert

Classic english breakfast where we replaced egg by sirloin (diet), beans by camembert, toast by fresh baked bread, tea by black coffe, juice by Pilsner urquell, butter by smaller portion of butter and jam by Fernet (spiced liqueur) to help You digest.

Lunch: something to cheer you up for your active afternoon

109,- Kč

150g Horor from turkey farm

(galon of tabasco, shovel of white pepper, pail of chilli and diced turkey meat, ham and egg)
99,- Kč

150g Total chicken K.O.

(chicken meat in a sauce of gunpowder)
119,- Kč

200g Chainsaw

(beef sirloin, chilli, mix of vegetable called „lečo“)
- favorite meal of pets, for example Rambo and Terminator
89,- Kč

150 g Greetings from Hell

(diced pork, chilli, peppers)

Tea: ideal with dry bread and Dry Martini

109,- Kč

200 g Mixed meat „What gave us our street“

(funny combination of what our neighbors used to breed)
Ever been thinking about why your cat is so healthy? Because it eats Whiskas! And your dog? Because it eats Chappie! Do you want to be healthy?
Eat cats and dogs :)
!! It's acctualy just pork meat with mushrooms and garlic !!

First supper

99,- Kč

150g Chicken medallions with pineapple and coconut topped with cheese

- the most difficult part of preparing this meal is to teach the chicken to eat the pineapple and the coconut but the result is unexpectedly amazing!
99,- Kč

150g Chicken breasts with peach and whipped cream

Second supper

109,- Kč

200 g Pork chop with asparagus and blue cheese

- it was supposed to be with truffles but EU has forbidden that so at least we make the chops from our specially trainned pig for digging truffles!
139,- Kč

230 g Projekt X

(pork, beef, ham, egg, and cheese)
For the very hungry ones we also offer Project X - XXL but the price gets slightly unacceptable :o)
139,- Kč

300g Pork chop "Be over the hump"

(bacon, roasted onion)
159,- Kč

300g Pork chop "Cash machine"

(ham, asparagus and feta cheese)
249,- Kč

300g Double beef steak ala Viktor Kozeny with bahamas garnish

(horsereddish, onion, asparagus, egg, ham
and whatever else we find in the fridge :o) )

For the real fans of hot chilli meals there are waiting under section "Terror from the pan" real surprices...

Stalingrad cauldron (which is not recommended by 4 out of 5 field marshals)

The mexico piercing saw massacre

Hiroshima chicken

Attack of brutal snowman



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