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Hotel u broučka is located in historic center of Nové Město nad Metují next to the castle of the family Bartoň from Dobenin. The hotel offers accomodation in 2 or 3 bedded rooms for up to 17 persons. Rooms are equipped with toilet ,shower ,TV+sat and Wi-Fi. There is also a safe parking place for our quest's cars. The restaurant offers breakfast(8-9am) and lunch and dinner(10am - 10pm) either inside or outside as long as it's not raining though :).


We offer a wide range of tradition czech meals such as Guláš ,Svíčková ,Roasted duck with sauercraut and dumplings and some more. We also offer a wide range of draught lagers such as Pilsner Urquel ,Gambrinus (unfiltered),Kozel ,Master and some more bottled beers including fruit beers and a range of non-alkoholic beers. Our wide range of wines gives you an opportunity to choose from over 50 wines of different tastes colours and places of origin.

To put the menu together wasn't easy task. Everyone would like to advise but what can for example a cook know about cooking, right? So after studying "Guides to healthy eating" and experimenting on You "unsuspecting guests" ,in other words by practice ,we found the right way. You can check it out here.



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